Am I in the wrong for refusing abortion?

I recently found I was pregnant I’m 6 weeks now. Me and my ex partner broke up about 3 hours before I took a test and it was positive so it was really bad timing. I’ve decided to keep the baby - not to try and salvage the relationship - just because that’s how I want to go forward and having had 2 pretty horrific abortions in the past I don’t want to go through that again. Also, me and my ex partner talked about our future when we were together house kids marriage etc. So I have imagined this baby already and I feel love for it. Yeah it’s not the same situation as I thought it would be but I still feel that love for my baby. I had my coil taken out in March and we spoke abo it contraception and he said he would wear condoms (he never did) and he asked if I got pregnant would I have an abortion. I said to him at the time that I probably would - however, now I am in the situation I really can’t go through with that now. He’s saying Im in the wrong, it’s not his fault at all for refusing to wear a condom and abortion should have been done because I said I’d do it... I told him abortion isn’t a form of contraception anyway, I would have done the morning after pill but it was too late. The blame is being put on me entirely. I have explained to him at the grand old age of 27 he knows what happens if you have unprotected sex. Before I got pregnant I even joked with my friends “I think he’s trying to get me pregnant because every time I tell him to put a condom on her says fuck it and doesn’t” and we all laughed about it, and now this has happened. For me, this news isn’t the most devastating thing in the world. I have two children already and I’m looking forward to the new arrival. This will be ex partners first. The way I see it, he already made his decision with his body by ejaculating inside me knowing I’m not on contraception. My choice is I don’t want to have an abortion. Am I in the wrong?