What are some things you did to help you get pregnant? I tried to get pregnant for 3 years with one ex and 2 years with another. My last relationship he already had kids (and his current girlfriend was pregnant 4 months into their relationship) so clearly I’m the problem. 7 years ago I got pregnant by someone the first and only time having sex with him. (I never had the baby) but I’m very confused why I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant again. My period is VERY regular every month. I have done ovulation tests and can see the difference in the lines when testing. My current partner and I aren’t exactly “trying” just yet but we aren’t doing anything to prevent it either. It’s been 3 months with no protection and still nothing. Since we aren’t trying yet I don’t want to see a fertility specialist but I would like to try any ideas you ladies might have before making a appointment. Thank you!!!! 😊