Curious... Random stuff cause I can’t sleep🙃

I highly doubt anyone will reply..... I feel like it’s probably a stupid question- But anyways!- Just something totally random popped up in my head tonight..... I often hear women say that when pumping I think-when you hear the sound of your crying baby or smelling your baby’s clothes or looking at a picture of your baby- it makes you produce more milk? Or I guess just start to leak/cause letdown.... 🤔Curious who that actually happens to?

Lol cause that never happens to me... Does that mean something is wrong or what?... Is that supposed to happen to everyone? 😳 I pump very rarely so could that be why.. Baby is almost 9 months 🙃

ETA- I do actually leak randomly sometimes... I’ll be nursing and then feel wet lol 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ But yeah I’ve also heard about leaking when you have an orgasm🤣 But that doesn’t happen either.... and I orgasm multiple times when we do have sex 😳 Damn I kinda wanna leak when that happens. I’m wanting to build a stash 🙃 so far I have 8 oz