Midwifery in US

Hey ladies

I know this is totally random and probably not the best place to post but I have no idea where else to post other than this app!

So I'm from the UK and am going to begin my training towards becoming a qualified midwife.

Ultimately, once qualified and I have practiced in the UK for a couple of years, I want to practise midwifery in the US.

I've done a little bit of research but cant find too much... does anyone know anything about midwifery in the US?

Thanks x


No wonder I couldnt find too much information about midwifery in the US. I'm honestly so astounded at the lack of midwifery in the USA, it's time for change! Pregnant individuals do not need to be medicalised unless there is a true medical issue with the pregnant individual/fetus. I hope once I'm qualified and in the US I can make a change to the system. I'm not sure which state I would like to live in yet but my partner and I travelled from Texas through to Orlando and we loved it so probably somewhere Southern.