Do I like sex more than my boyfriend 🤔

My boyfriend and I have the best relationship I’ve ever been in. He is sweet, caring, thinks about my feelings, faithful, funny, sexy, we communicate effectively etc.

When we first started dating, we literally had sex every night. Multiple times a day. A year into our relationship now, we have sex like once a week. While I still want it every night! he acts too tired so I don’t even try

I’ve talked to him about it before, “are you not sexually attracted to me anymore? You used to not get enough of me, are you bored?” And he says “baby I am so attracted you, sometimes I just want to lay next to you and go to sleep or just talk. I don’t like having sex every night”

As sweet as that is, I feel like my desires and needs aren’t being met. And I still wonder, what changed?

Because we’ve had the conversation before, I don’t want to have it again. I just don’t know what to do- is this normal?