Nervous for induction tomorrow


I have been in and out of hospitals, also referred to 2 other hospital to find cause of higher amniotic fluid! All within the last week! I’m 39 weeks on Monday.

They couldn’t find any abnormalities with baby, they have warned that it could potentially be a blockage in babies pipes (wind pipe to stomach pipe) so they need to check that before his first feed- they don’t seem to be too concerned that it is this though! What they do think it is is that it’s just because baby is so big. His estimated weight at 38 weeks 3 days was 9lb 8oz!! Due to this, there’s higher risk of Shoulder dystocia during labour so they have decided to induce me tomorrow! Still nervous about giving birth to a big boy and him getting stuck! My first was 9lb 4oz! And I only found out yesterday that with him he had minor shoulder dystocia! I knew he got stuck a bit but I was never aware it was something with a name! Starting to worry loads and wishing I’d have opted for a c-section!

Here’s my chubba bubbas face at 38 weeks 3 days!