Me and my partner have been talking for quite some time about trying for a second baby so I’ve been tracking in the app for the last few months and we decided to go for it.

Day 1 off my fertile window we bd, day 2 nothing and now day 3 he’s just making his excuses again, like he does nearly every night, that he’s tired and been driving all day. After the other night he says is that it will you get pregnant now and I tried to explain that the fertile window is like a week and then the last two nights he’s not been interested and now is working nights for the next two nights and won’t be home until late.

So now I’m sat here crying while I can hear him snoring away upstairs, so angry and devastated that I’m now gonna have to wait another month before trying again. And to make things worse I’ve been having cramps for the last 3 days so thinking I may be ovulating early so like now instead of Friday like the app says, and he’s just asleep not interested. I want another baby so badly and he talks about it lots too, even asking our son If he wants a baby brother or sister. Feel so crap right now 😞😞