toxic sister

for reference: my sister is 33, I’m 20.

she got married months after knowing her husband and had my niece months later, who’s turning 4 soon.

my family and I never thought she was making the right choices but all we did was support her as best we could. she and her husband always had a rocky relationship from the start, and still occurred a few months back (october) when she was crying how unhappy she was and she wanted to leave him. in December I find out she’s expecting again, but she chose not to tell me. she internalized a conversation we had years back where I told her she’d be stupid if she decided to have another kid knowing how horrible her marriage was. she even has told me and others that I am the reason why she didn’t have a happy pregnancy with her first child. I tried to be the bigger person and understand where she was coming from, but it all started when I suggested her try and get a grip now before she has to deal with 2 kids. she got angry, yelling at me, kicked me out of her house, started getting physical and then punching me in the face. — meanwhile she’s on miscarriage watch. I haven’t spoken to her since but it’s eating me up inside knowing I tried to mend things, I apologized to her but she has not reciprocated the same. the way I view things is, I’m a worried younger sister who only wants the best for someone I look up to. she’s had multiple chances to speak to me but she’s pushing me out of her life and keeping me uninvolved. I don’t know what to do.