Please Read! Need Advice


So I recently posted on here about getting a yeast infection which was last week Friday (May 28) the last time I had sex was Monday, May 24, and immediately after finding out I got a full std testing as well as my boyfriend. A little back story, prior to my boyfriend meeting me he slept with a few girls unprotected and never once got a std test, and I was careless in not even deciding that me and him should be tested before sex, and I knew better. So yesterday, we got our results and I tested negative for every std and sti while my boyfriend tested positive for Chlamydia and Oral herpes. I was completely shocked, and he says he didn't cheat and I believe him because the nurse explained to me that his test proved that he got those stds from the past based on the antibodies. Which means he got it from previous relationships or whatever he was in, I asked him how he felt and he said horrible because prior to getting our results I asked him what decision will we make if our results come back as one of us positive and the other negative or both of us positive. He was more than confident that he did not have an std, and now look he has 2. On the bright side, Chlamydia can be treated and cured but I'm at a crossroad of our relationship. I know he really loves me, wouldn't do anything to hurt me and says he sees our relationship going long term and I do as well, but he says its up to me to decide whether or not I say with him. We both decided on waiting to have sex, but I feel as though I am more serious about it than him because I want to work on my relationship with God. He is giving me that choice to decide because I was the one with a horrible yeast infection and tbh I believe that if I had waited longer I could have contracted Chlamydia, but God was on my side. I'm having a hard time deciding on whether or not I want to stay, so I told him to give me a few days. I know leaving him with this going on would be so horrible and I wouldn't want that done to me. Also, I have a fault in this because I was irresponsible and didn't decide on testing before sex. My mother is a nurse and specializes in this area and she says if it was her she was leaving because according to her that if it was him, he would've left me. Tbh I'm not sure what he would've done, but I don't thinl I should worry about that because I am the one deciding. I prayed about it and I still need time to decide, but I want to hear the opinios from you ladies on my situation.