Sympathy or empathy for postpartum moms with PPA/PPD

Should spouses have sympathy for their wives with PPA/PPD? How can you get your spouse to support you and realize it’s not something you can just snap out of? What if they won’t educate themselves on anything and think it’s all just an act? I feel like SO has used it against me and even been the antagonist/bully and worsened situations only to gaslight me. I feel like he gets some sort of high out of egging me on or being mean or doing things that know upset me.

I’ve been called crazy. I’ve been called psycho. I’ve been called angry (after being what felt like tormented by SO). I’ve had the “what’s wrong with you?!” Shouted at me many many many times since baby was born. Almost like I’m not allowed to feel any emotion and if I do I’m told “I’ve got problems” and that’s all. Nobody helps. Nobody discusses. Nobody even asks me how I’m feeling. I’m wondering if I’m just all on my own in this at this point.

I feel so alone.

Passed PPD screening. Known I’ve had it since 2 weeks postpartum. Untreated because I’m worried about it being a flaw or something that could be used against me by SO. Like I’m insane or invalid or straight up crazy.