Husband hates my haircut doesn't find me attractive

I went for a haircut a few weeks ago and instead of a trim I decided to cut it to my shoulders on a whim I thought it would be fun and I needed a change. I came home and my husband was so upset. He told me he hates it and finds it very unattractive. He hadn't wanted to have sex or anything since I cut it ! When he sees me getting ready I can see him giving me a glare. When someone complimented it he rolled his eyes. He keeps making comments about it here and there about about it. I put it in a pony tail and since it's short I had to pin the back up and my pin came loose so I said oops ! And put the hair back in place and he said 'if you didn't fucking cut it you wouldn't have this problem'. If I ask how an outfit looks he says my hair ruins it. He told me I am free to do what I want but he still hates it and doesn't find me attractive with it.

I'm so sad!!! idk what to do I obviously can't do anything about it now and it's really making me mad to see how shallow he is being.