Dog mistreatment TRIGGER WARNING

Hi, i’m 18 years old and long story short i left my house to live into an accomidation because i was being physically and emotionally abused almost everyday and my family didn’t let me open a case about someone from my mums side sexually abusing me from 11 and would treat me bad for opening up to the police anyways ever since.

i know it sounds like it’s nothing to do with the title but anyways i got moved to live in an accomidation because of it everyday my parents will call me crying. facetime me crying, tell me my little 5 year old brother is depressed because i’ve left (my family treat boys well, it’s a muslim family i’m the only girl and i get treated completely different) my mum said she had a lump in her breast and she won’t go check it until i come back. i was feeling awful and started self harming again after not doing it for long. eventually, she said if i come back she will buy me a dog to keep forever (i love dogs i always have and i was never allowed so this just made me think wow i can have one) i came back and i got luna

the sweetest most precious baby girl, i fell in love with her instantly. she helped with my mental health as it was a responsibility and she loved me just like i loved her.

my mum said i have to sell her after a couple months of having her because she’s scared of the dog and she hates luna i kept telling her no.

one day i came back from college and she was gone. my dad sold her to his friend i couldn’t even say goodbye. i told him how i had money from a car crash i claimed when i turned 18 which was over 2k ill pay all that to get her back and my best friend has 4 xl bullies (the same breed) she trains them and treats them amazingly and her mum owns her own doggy daycare. i said i’ll pay 2k and i’ll give them to my friend still no.

i got to see her sometimes maybe once a month.

she never wanted to leave.

can you imagine i used to carry her on my shoulder since a baby and she’s huge now and still asks to be carried on the shoulder

recently my dad told me i can’t see her again as the owner my dads friend gave her away to someone else who lives far he said he will see her and take pictures. he said the reason is because she has been acting naughty (which is strange to me because she is such a good dog) and apparently a vet said she needs to be breeded??? she was NINE MONTHS why would u breed her she is so young. she’s big but she’s still a baby i got so angry i begged him and he told me to stop crying and that it’s just how dogs are apparently the new guy has a doberman and they’re perfect together

it’s been months, it was her first birthday last month i haven’t heard from her i miss her and i don’t know what to do in always thinking is she ok? is she eating? is she happy


my dad goes to see her and always says how it’s too far from our city and he forgets to take photos

this time he did

before he showed me he said don’t show ur little brother i just want to show u she’s so happy (don’t show? he knows it’s bad)

i got so happy but

when i saw the photos

my heart dropped

can you believe these two photos are the same dog?

i’ve been crying since

that is not my baby. that is not luna. she is so sad. look at those eyes. she was getting so big she is an XL puppy now look. she’s so sad and small and skinny. there’s an empty EMPTY bowl with nothing for what? two dogs????

Dogs drink a lot of water ???? My heart has been shattered into a million pieces. What have they done to her. Look how dark and miserable covered with spiderwebs dirt and splinted wood. no food no water ONE EMPTY BOWL FOR TWO BIG DOGs

I asked my dad did she come out he said no she’s gone so naughty anyways OF COURSE HER BEHAVIOUR WILL MESS UP LOOK AT THE STATE OF THE LIVING ENVIRONMENT

i don’t know what to do

both dogs my heart is breaking for them

i don’t know where they are

please does anyone have advice? i’d rather she go to a dogs home than be in a place like that i don’t know the place they are in. please

i can’t stop crying i can’t sleep i can’t eat

what shall i do