Rubbish day, so emotional.

I've cried about 3 times today. Firstly my partner was really annoying me this morning (we're packing to move house next week) and he was doing it super quick and just chucking everything in boxes. Whereas, I like to take my time with these sort of things and pack everything neatly as I go along. I was snapping at him about this and got really annoyed.

This afternoon I randomly became upset because I'm unable to drink alcohol and feel as though I have no freedom anymore. Everyone on Facebook brags about going out and getting drunk, then there's me watching rubbish on tv and waiting for the weekend to be over. My partner goes to pub every weekend and drinks at home too. I resent that he's able to do this, whilst I'm sipping on water.

Lastly, I care for my Grandad twice per week in his bungalow. I was hoping to get a taxi home for 7, but there was none available (typical Saturday night) until much later. I proceeded to the bus stop, only to miss the one I was hoping to catch... which meant waiting 25 minutes in the freezing cold for the next one!

I am so done with today! Just want to go to bed and wake up in a better mood (hopefully). Sorry for the rant!