Crying in the store

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I couldn’t help but wonder into any shop that sold baby items, I’m currently 31+4 weeks and I cannot stop myself from spoiling my little girl! I was wondering in and out of shops and nothing really caught my eye.. then! These toddler sized pink Uggs caught my eye, I picked them up and looked at the tags to see what the smallest size available was, the shop assistant double checked they had the smallest size available, 0.5 baby, and they had 2 left in stock! She grabbed them and took them out the box to show me, and i burst out crying! I tiny teeny pair of suede pink Ugg’s, I told the women to put them away as I couldn’t stop crying looking at them, safe to say I am definitely not in control of these hormones 😂 I can’t wait to have this baby 💗👶🏻