Is it bad? Is this considered a rant?

yana • hi

Is it bad I hate spending the night as my cousin’s house? Let me explain why, the house is messy mane😔. And not just like dirty dishes messy but like, weird stains messy, cluttered and mysterious liquids. I.e the tub has a very slimy texture when you shower in it like it’s never been cleaned properly,when you walk with no socks on you can hear the stickiness. My aunt only has two kids, one is 12 the other one 9 so they’re both capable of cleaning up themselves. The 12 year old tries her best to clean up what she does, but the rest is on her mother and brother. It’s disgusting tbh, I love them, all of them and wouldn’t want to ever put them on blast to anyone else, but I had to just express it. And it’s not just here man it’s at my uncle’s house too, which is technically where they live too, there would legit be wet dust in the bathroom(idek how the hell that could happen) I don’t want it to seem like I’m entitled and are judging them because I know my room gets messy or my bathroom isn’t as pleasant as it should be, but I take care of it as soon as I have time. I feel horrible saying this, but it’s true, should I feel bad for not wanting to be here because of the mess or should I just shut up and enjoy it while I’m here?

Ps: the house is creepy asf man, I be thinking demons gon walk pass the room and shit, my other cousin feels that vibe too. And forgive me I don’t really know what group to put this in

And that’s only near and in the bathroom😞