Is my anger misplaced?

So I (24F) have a fwb kinda situation with a guy (21M). Him & I are friends and I don’t have any feelings for him. Anyway, I left for work the other day and it was his day off so he asked if he could stay for a bit and sleep in before heading home, which I was okay with. But then, he didn’t make my bed when I came back home after a 9 hour shift. Idk, I’m a bit annoyed about it. So much so, it’s kinda feeling like a bit of a dealbreaker to me. I know it’s not a big deal in the long run, but I don’t see him as a romantic partner to forego small things. And also, I’ve let people mistreat me for so long, that I don’t want to overlook things anymore. But then, I’m concerned that I’m letting go of people too easily now as a different kind of coping mechanism. Sorry loads to unpack here. Just want some opinions

Edit: Thanks for the comments, I appreciate the honesty. I do feel like I’m overreacting or I would have said something to him. Regardless, thanks.