Seeking an Arizona best friend!


I don't drink, drug, party, I am just a small town girl who loves to paint, write, read, I love my fiance and my children. I am seeking a girl who is looking for similar companionship as I. I have a lot of friends, but none who stay by your side for good and bad,silence and laughter. I am that friend. I believe the only ones that I need to commit to a friendship with should feel a friendship is worth investing in, time, travel, and or just emotion. I have recently invested in a friendship just to get a dead line after a year of all has left me confused and very sad. as well as very lonely, and that's when I decided..maybe I am just not asking for the right friends? if your someone who lives in Arizona. hopefully close to me! I live in PHX.and are looking to connect with a funny quirky artistic Aquarius who values your time and company. please find me on FB, shalee parker, and let's start something that doesn't end with a dead line 💗 I