So Traumatised 😥


I have two beautiful budgies who are a bit over 2 years now. Last summer I got accepted to Uni and had to give up my budgies to live with my mother (who I haven't lived with since I was 11 and we really don't get along).

I have two sisters one of which still lives at home (and we're twins, she's 18) and we tag each other in stuff occasionally on fb and that. But anyway, so I tagged my sisters in a post that said something like "Please pray for my sister. There is nothing wrong with her she's just a idiot" which I found hilarious. A couple hours later I get a message from my twin sister literally just saying "cage was left open" and a photo of some feathers on the floor (they also own a dumbass cat who had been very interested in my budgies ever since they arrived)

I was in pieces, crying on the floor and shaking like crazy. I had no idea what to do. Frantically phoning my mothers house phone and mobile but no one would answer and I was panicking. After an hour I called down a little. Still trying to phone them to find out what happened etc. I get another message from my twin sister which this time says "lucky escape, don't post horrible things about me on fb"with a photo of my babies completely fine in their cage.

She doesn't think this is wrong at all, and I cannot compute how she can do this to anyone never mind her own sister.

Sorry about this I just had to vent about the situation and thought this was the best place to do it.

Edit: I forgot to mention that 3 years ago I came home from school to find my old budgies dead at the bottom of the cage. I've never been that heart broken in my life and my sister knew about that.