🚨PUBIC HAIR (thoughts on this twitter scandal) MUST READ🚨

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Aight y’all, I saw this post on Twitter that really made me wanna go on here and see what you guys had to say. Basically it first started with a tweet where it compared a woman who decided on not shaving (leg hair, armpits, pubic hair, etc. which is fine, it’s her body, her choice and after all, natural) and another woman completely shaven, including her pubic hairs, also respectable. That tweet read “there are two types of women” as if not deciding on shaving is “disgusting”.

Someone quoted that tweet and said this “In sex education we learn that when people reach sexual maturity they grow hairs. The fact that you like all shaved women is called pedophilia culture and that you classify us as "types of women" as if we were objects for your consumption is called being misogynistic” which I thought you everything she said was right...except the whole pedophilia thing...

This is where all the comments went loose. Some saying “So if I shave and have sex with my boyfriend, us being adults...that makes him a pedophile?”. Others saying “If you don’t like pubic hair in women you literally like LITTLE GIRLS”

I just really had to go on here and see what the community had to say


Women control their body, I’m not saying that one is better than the other. All I’m trying to say is that the whole pedophilia thing is off