Did you get pregnant with IVF the first time?

Philana • TTC since 2008. Conceived twin girls in 2015 with IVF & delivered at 31+1. Surprise baby naturally conceived 02/17.
After 3 unsuccessful rounds of iui with various meds (gonalf, menopur & clomid) my dr has recommended ivf
​I've been diagnosed with possible PCOS or unexplained infertility. 
​I'm 31, healthy and not overweight. Hubby has amazing sperm. 
​This is a huge investment with a lot of variables. It's scary because its hard to trust someone who can't guarantee results. 
​I'm just like to know your experiences. 
​I'm worried that 1. I won't grow enough follicles/eggs to harvest 2. The eggs won't survive the incubation period and 3. A BFN 
​Any input would be so gladly appreciated, I don't have words to say.
​Thank you! 

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